R.E.A.L Program

What is the R.E.A.L Program?

R.E.A.L stands for Recreation Experiences and Leisure. The purpose of the R.E.A.L program is to provide recreation and leisure opportunities through the provision of program and financial assistance to as many children and youth as possible, who due to financial circumstances are unable to participate in registered activities.


It is now possible for your child to join the baseball or hockey team, go to camp, play soccer, take an art class or enroll in a youth leadership course.


The R.E.A.L Program is a service that matches children and youth up to the age of 18, who are living in St. John’s, with organized recreational activities of their choice. From, art to sport to various recreation activities, the R.E.A.L Program aims to provide eligible children and youth an opportunity to enroll in an activity of his or her choice.

Seasonal Applications

Applications must be submitted in accordance to the deadline dates.

R.E.A.L. Program Information

Applications are processed as they are received, in accordance to application deadlines.

The R.E.A.L Program allows children/youth access to one activity a season.

This is a service for children/youth who are not currently participating in other paid recreation programs.

The parent guardian is responsible for ensuring that the child attends the program.

This program is available to children and youth living in St. John’s.

It’s R.E.A.L. Easy as 1,2,3

Choose a community based program of interest to the child/youth.

Complete both sides of the application form available at the following locations:

R.E.A.L. Equipment

Registration fees are only one of the barriers to participation. The R.E.A.L Program also assists with associated costs such as supplies, equipment, transportation and purchasing of additional spaces.

The following soccer equipment would be very useful to the R.E.A.L. Program:
– Soccer Cleats
– Shin Pads
– Soccer Socks